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Built for the cold.


"My name is Humphrey Keyes and I am the housing director for the Native  Village of Emmonak located at the mouth of the

Yukon river.

I was introduced to Ron Burkhardsmeier and things just went from there. We purchased in good faith that the homes bought from R-Valued homes were the way to beat this cold climate that we have here in the state and at times the barometer dips to the temperature of minus 45 or more with the wind chill.


After the construction was completed an elderly women of 80 plus had moved into the house and  after about  ten days of minus 15 to 20 below  and with wind chill at 40 below  one evening she had asked her son to bring her to the Eskimo dance practice that we attend every evening. The home being toasty 70 degrees  and the weather down to  -25  she didn't realize that the weather still had not warmed up and  she thought that the weather had gone up above zero since that the house was warm at 70 degrees. Her son told her that weather had not warmed up yet and she was surprised that how warm the house was at the time of the cold spell.


Before the construction of these homes I was sort of skeptical, but after hearing this from an elder I am sure that these homes are made for the cold and for the climate that we have here in the lower Yukon river.


Best Regards,

Humphrey Keyes

Emmonak Tribal Housing Director

Emmonak. Alaska 99581


Easy to Build.

"Dear Ron:

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your building system package we purchased from R-Valued Homes. As owner/builders we found the construction method to be uncomplicated and the blueprints easy to understand. The construction saved us both time and money and the house is very energy efficient. We receive compliments daily. The people who see the house are always interested to learn that it was not built using conventional stick framing. They love the open beam ceilings and how open and large the interior looks.

Thank you for all your help when we had questions. It was a pleasure to have you there to help us. Also tying for the Governer's Award for energy rated homes for 2002 was the perfect ending to the project. We would recommend a package from R-Valued Homes to anyone interested in using SIPs to build a new home, and we have.



Stephen & Velda



"Hi Ron,

Just a hello.  The cabin was wonderful this winter.  I spent weeks at a time up there.  During the cold snap that seemed to last forever, neighbors were freezing their ankles off.  I was snug and cozy.  The heat was  even everywhere which I find amazing for space heating with no active circulation.  Keeping humidity down was not a problem.  I left a basement window cracked and used the woodstove on the upper floor as an exhaust vent.  Crude, but effective.  Humidity stayed right around 45%.

When I wasn’t there, the little Hearthstone propane stove set at 45° kept the place from freezing. I had winterized the water – just in case – but everything functioned just fine. That little stove,  maximum output of 18,100 BTU/hr, is also capable of easily heating the entire cabin above 70° when it is  minus 28°.


 We side this spring and do the solar installation in June.  Hope all is well with you.




Six Star Energy Rating on TNHA Tagiugmiullu Nunamiullu Housing Authority house in Barrow! Floor, walls and roof panels furnished by Alaska Insulated Panels.

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Wasilla man builds super-insulated panels
Wasilla entrepreneur tackles cold-climate construction

Steven Merritt/ Frontiersman

WASILLA — The science of cold-climate housing continues to evolve in the far north, as builders, engineers and consumers weigh in on the materials and designs needed to produce an energy-efficient structure.


Wasilla entrepreneur Ron Burkhardsmeier is part of that mix, forging a business vested in keeping out the cold. Burkhardsmeier owns Alaska Insulated Panels, which manufactures home kits with walls created from foam core panels that consistently receive 5- and sometimes 6-star energy efficiency ratings.

Alaska Insulated Panels owner Ron Burkhardsmeier stands near the polyurethane foam tanks and panel press at his Wasilla shop Friday Dec 18. Burkhardsmeier's process injects polyurethane foam between two sheets of heat-treated plywood to create a highly-insulated wall panel.


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